In recent years, food allergy has become quite common. But not everyone is aware of the foods they are allergic to. This is due to a lack of awareness among common people regarding these allergies.

Food allergy is also difficult to diagnose. Severe allergies are clear, but a mild allergy may not inconvenience the patient enough to seek a doctor. Dr David Cutler, a family medicine expert has revealed that all allergies are not serious, but it’s important to keep an eye on even the mild ones lest anything gets a severe reaction.

Here are some signs that you’re suffering from a food allergy. It should be noted that online symptoms may not be enough and you should always check with your health care provider in order to get a proper diagnosis.

Food Allergy: Itchy rashes and hives

signs that you're suffering from a food allergy
Symptoms of Food Allergy

Itchy rashes and hives are the most common signs of food allergy. If you are experiencing hives you should talk to your general physician in order to identify the food for our food group that is triggering your body and work towards the elimination of the same.

Some people also get itching and swelling in their mouth when they are allergic to a food group. This is because of the fact that the immune system of these people is reacting to proteins in an aggressive manner. Such allergies are typically known as oral food allergies.

Anaphylaxis may occur

Food Allergy symptoms and cure
A certain food group may cause repeated rashes or hives

You should also look for symptoms like wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. However, it is likely that these symptoms may also be the result of anaphylaxis which is a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction. If a food group is making you feel short of breath, you should consult your doctor about it.