Disney+ vs Netflix

The streaming space has suddenly been shaken up with the entrance of Disney the American entertainment conglomerate has unveiled its streaming service called Disney Plus. Disney with this move is in direct competition with Netflix, the streaming powerhouse. Keep reading to find out who wins the Disney+ vs Netflix battle.

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At an investor meeting, Disney CEO headed a presentation that involved the introduction of the new Disney+ Service.

It is clear that Disney plans to disrupt Netflix’s market but the139 million subscriber streaming service Netflix won’t go down that easy. Disney will need a lot of planning and strategy to overcome the Netflix hurdle. The Disney+ vs Netflix battle eventually benefit the consumer.

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But all is not well for Netflix the streaming giant recently increased their subscription rates for various plans and their quality of original’s too is having a downfall. This is making people rethink of whether they should continue with the service or look elsewhere. So this could very well open the opportunity door for Disney to meddle the streaming market.

Disney Plus’s price tag is a sounder deal than Netflix

Price is a key factor on which the whole success of a product depends and it seems like the American company got the pricing mantra right. Its monthly subscription price is $6.99, a $2 less than Netflix. There’s also an option of yearly subscription for $69.99. Just like Netflix, you can download your content and stream them in crisp 4K.

Disney+ vs Netflix

Disney may also bundle their sports-themed ESPN Plus and Hulu streaming services with the base service. Meaning you can get three different services under one price.

Great Original and Classic content on Disney

Disney already has an enormous chunk of a catalog that consists of classic and current TV shows and movies. From Marvel feature films, the Star Wars franchise and stuff related to Pixar, everything will debut on the service once a theoretical release takes place.

Disney+ vs Netflix

Classic shows such as Hannah Montana, Everyone’s favorite Mickey Mouse and The Simpsons will keep your nostalgia bus going. With the purchase of Fox by Disney nature to will keep you company with 250+ hours of National Geographic content.

Netflix has spent billions of dollars to produce new and original content but their quality has gone down the drain since few years. Many of their original TV shows have discontinued just after one season.

Road Ahead?

Disney Plus will make its way first in the U.S. on November 12 and then expand to every other important market worldwide slowly. Future for Disney does look bright and investor to seem to lay their trust on Disney but it won’t be an easy ride for the company as there’s not only one challenger that they have to face its Apple too that has jumped into the streaming space which will make it tough for the company to endure.