Disney+ vs Netflix Which is Cheaper Priced

Disney+ vs Netflix war has started and so far, it looks like Netflix has finally got a worthy alternative.

Disney’s much-awaited streaming service has finally been unveiled. Earlier today, the first image of ‘an inside look’ at Disney+ was shared on Twitter. Following that, the pricing details of the platform were also announced. Disney has decided to go for an aggressive pricing strategy by undercutting Netflix, thereby starting the Disney+ vs Netflix war.

Disney+ vs Netflix Price
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Let us take a closer look at Disney’s pricing strategies and how the prices of Disney+ vs Netflix compare to each other. Which is the cheaper streaming service of the two.

Disney+ vs Netflix: Which is Cheaper?

Walt Disney’s content streaming platform, Disney+ is priced at $7 per month. Compared to that, Netflix’s most popular plan stands in at $11. However, reports point out that going by this price structure, Disney is not expected to break-even in the next five years.

Disney+ vs Netflix
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When it comes to Disney+ vs Netflix, Disney’s service is indeed cheaper. However, the long-term success of the platform will depend on the content. Disney is focusing primarily on kid-friendly content. The service goes live on November 12.

Disney+ vs Netflix: What Content Will Be Featured on Disney’s Platform?

Disney’s new platform is all set to feature all the content owned by the company. This would include all the original Walt Disney content, content from Pixar and Marvel as well as 21st Century Fox which they recently acquired. This is going to give them an early edge in Disney+ vs Netflix Rivalry.

Disney+ vs Netflix Content
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When it starts off, Disney’s platform will feature 13 classic animated movies, 21 movies from Pixar, Star Wars movies, Marvel movies and even The Simpsons!