The American actor, comedian, and entertainer, who is 96 years old, has had an acting career for over 70 years. On Friday, he went to the gym with his wife, Arlene Silver.

The actor’s 97th birthday is on December 13, so his happy look comes just a few days before.

The Mary Poppins star was happy to pose for pictures in front of his LA gym while wearing a red hoodie and gray sweatpants. While that was going on, Arlene hugged her husband and put on a big smile before the two of them started working out at the gym.

Even though Dick is almost 100 years old, he stays physically active and is often seen doing things like shopping and going to the bank in Malibu.

He is also still mentally sharp and able to drive himself around.

In October, the famous actor was seen giving money to homeless people and people looking for work in front of the Malibu Community Labor Exchange.

Dick said that every time he has enough $5 bills to give to people in need, he goes to his favorite non-profit organization.

Whenever I have some fives I come by. You can’t do it all the time, though!

he said at the time

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Dick was also seen walking around his neighborhood in June, where he smiled at the reporters and said that he was “glad to still be here.”

At the time, the former actor went to a nearby store and bought a can of self-tanner.


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