Erin Breean was walking back home with her dog and her boyfriend when she encountered a strange cat that kept following her.

The cat looked very affectionate and appeared that it was well fed. It seemed that the cat belonged to someone. Erin’s dog arrived where she and her boyfriend were meet the cat. The cat tried to attack Erin’s dog when her boyfriend separated them from each other.

“He came up to us and was rubbing our ankles (…). The cat sat with me the whole time, rubbing me and rolling on his bell, and he was very kind,” – Breean told Hiptoro.

Breean took lots of cat pictures to upload them on Austin’s Facebook page for lost animals. The cat didn’t give up and kept following Erin everywhere she would go.

“I thought, ‘Hey buddy, don’t follow me home if you live down the street or wherever your house is.'” – she said.

Erin thought for a while that Greg got her way back home, but in no time, they found him back in their backyard.


For the next four da, the cat didn’t give up and kept following the couple on the streets and their way back home.

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Finally, a volunteer from Austin Lost and Found Pets came to their house with a microchip scanner.  They were finally able to identify Greg’s human and managed to reunite the cat with his family.