Once you accidentally walk into a public bathroom and find that many people have a beautiful exterior that you can easily see inside. In other cases, you buy a new product, but it looks like a new product or has an amazing design. At this point, you can no longer trust your eyes. Shouting “WHY?!” out loud, and wanting to know how and why manufacturers do this. This moment is like testing your patience. Be patient, people! You aren’t the only ones in the world to have experienced this situation. Here are some funny pictures showing other people encountering such situations in their lives. They will totally have you laughing hard.

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1. I don’t know what color that is.


2. For complex things, style is an easy way to communicate.


3. Spread your love all over me.


4. Does this person urinate motor oil?


5. A foldable chair in a bus with a metal bar.


6. Amazing view from the toilet.


7. Seems someone quite didn’t make this toilet seat.


8. My job is to build buildings. Not move poles.


9. A weird hotel having a weird door on top of the staircase.


10. This plate seems like an uncleaned toilet.


11. “My Airbnb shower.”


12. At last, a realistic mannequin at a lingerie store.


13. Stuffing pillows over the bellies of mannequins.


14. They surely need each other.


15. Not sure which way to open.


16. This yellow text on a yellow background is just eye-hurting.


17. This toilet is not so “private”.


18. How cool it would be to watch people passing the halls while pissing.


19. Can’t fit more than one USB-C adaptor in a Macbook.


20. Detective turned Defective Pikachu.


21. Just unbelievable.


22. This tie-dye hoody seems as if it has grease splashes on it.


23. This is like moving an image in Microsoft Word.


24. Easy way to break your leg(s).


25. Seems like Aquaman’s house.


26. Not sure if it’s a park bench or a public grill.


27. A lonely and sad toothbrush in the jacuzzi.