Creating something beautiful and functional is harder than you might think. That’s why there are design issues and risks. In advertising, packaging, and housing, we come across a lot of unfinished business. Some stupid and hopeless people might make you cringe and even laugh in an online group.

Online, people are sharing the devastation they see in wildlife, and these design fails are sure to have you speechless. Poor design is more embarrassing, but the names seem endless. Scroll down to check them out.


1. A reason why you’ve been clearing you PIN accidentally.


2. Making sure that no one parks here.


3. “We cut everyone.”


4. Unique bicycle path.


5. Very convenient.


6. Maintaining complete “privacy”.


7. All about the design choices.


8. Looks like a disaster eager to take place.


9. Which button for level 17?


10. Just… why?


11. Doorway to murder.


12. Is that Hitler’s sister?


13. Definitely not the best place.


14. Absolutely impenetrable!


15. This doesn’t make sense.


16. “Alright. We got it.”


17. The question is… who did this?


18. No way to see yourself in between those panels.


19. Imagine having a wheelchair access button at the door but no way to get up there.


20. To ensure no one robs your place while you take shower.