Life on the street is never easy. Especially for senior cats that are already dealing with additional issues. This story also features a senior cat that was living a terrible life on the streets. 

One day, when the cat was wandering, a colony caretaker noticed her. While she was intimidating towards other cats, she was very sweet to the caretaker. Sooner, she was brought by a nearby rescue, and that’s when the reality of her sad life was discovered. 

The cat lived a sad life on the streets for years and didn’t get much-needed medical attention. Also, she lacked human interaction and was deaf.

Seeing her sweet disposition, they knew she just needed love and care. 

The staff and volunteers at the Santé D’Or Foundation welcomed her warmly, naming her Gallaudet.

The staff found her ears covered in mites and both were infected. Their vet believes that she must have been scratching away at her ears because of the mites. But after years of scratching, her ears were permanently damaged, causing her deafness.

She was also diagnosed with IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which can affect humans too.

Once Gallaudet’s medical issues were addressed, she settled into life and adjusted to being deaf indoors. 

The mission of Santé D’Or Foundation is to rescue and provide shelter and holistically-based medical care to animals while attempting to secure them permanent homes. We act as an educational resource in our community through our rescue and adoption services and community outreach efforts.

Santé D’Or Foundation is an animal adoption center and rescue which is focused on the whole care of our animals, as well as the bigger picture of our neighborhoods and the planet at large. 

We use eco-friendly products, practice conservation, provide quality food free of by-products and use the biodegradable litter.

Working patiently with Gallaudet, they eventually earned her trust and allowed her to flourish.

She even participated in a local feline-based podcast, The Purrcast. Although she didn’t perform on command for her adoring audience, she won them over nonetheless

Gallaudet didn’t sing for us, but apparently, she does. You must go visit her, and maybe you will be lucky enough to hear it!.

One volunteer, in particular, Daniel, had just started with the group and had instantly bonded with the sweet deaf cat. 

You see, they had one special thing in common–Daniel was also deaf.

But as the days and months went by, Daniel knew in his heart that Gallaudet belonged with his family.

When I volunteered, I fell in love with Gally’s affectionate nature. I had been looking for a second cat, and I especially loved that she was a deaf cat because I could sign to her (I’m deaf too).

Everyone at Santé D’Or was thrilled when they heard the news from Daniel.

Gallaudet was with us for a little more than a year. When Daniel told us that he would love to adopt her, we were so happy and eager to schedule the home check. We were glad that Gallaudet found a good home that is the right fit for her.

Now Gallaudet is loving life in her new home. Daniel even told us she’s enjoying having Maya as a sister too! 

Life is full of warm sunbeams, cozy beds, lots of naps, cuddles, and yummy food.

Congrats to Daniel, Maya, and Gallaudet!