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Multiple people have been shot at a shooting incident which took place near the Ned Peppers Bar at Dayton, Ohio on the night of Saturday, the 3rd of August. Spokespeople from health networks in the area have confirmed that they are getting (and anticipating) people injured in this incident admitted into their hospitals. Reports have also confirmed the presence of multiple police vehicles at the spot of the incident.

Dayton Shooting Victims
Image: Outfront Media

Let us take a closer look at what’s going on here.

Dayton Shootings: Police Issues a Notice

Following the Dayton incident, the local police have tweeted a notice saying that they are investigating the matter. The tweet reads that it is an ‘active shooter’ situation, which means that the shooter has not been apprehended or identified by the cops as of this writing.

Dayton Shooting August 2019
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However, the investigation is going on and it is expected that the shooter will soon be caught. Moreover, the police have issued an advisory for people to avoid that area.

Deaths in the Dayton Shooting

As of this writing it cannot be confirmed as to how many people have been a victim of this incident. However, reports from WHIO TV indicate that as many as ten people are feared dead. Reports further point out that the police suspect that there might be a second shooter too, who ran off in a dark jeep.

Dayton Shooting
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This incident takes place just a week after California’s Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting where several people were shot at!