Shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival

Reports from California indicate that a shooting incident has just taken place at a major food festival in the area. This has happened at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. This is among the largest food festivals in the US and is held about 30 miles South of San Jose.

Gilroy Garlic Festival California Shooting
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Let us take a closer look at what went down:

Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting: Who Was the Shooter?

As of this writing, the police is still looking for the shooter. However, as per eyewitness records, he was a white male in his 30s, who was shooting randomly at all directions and was not aiming for someone specifically. He sprayed bullets on the crowds right to left and left to right.

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FBI agents have been mobilized towards the incident. Fire Fighters and a larger police force are also on its way. Meanwhile, Gilroy police have declared Christmas Hill Park as an ‘active crime scene’ and have asked all citizens to stay away.

Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting: Info on the Victims

There have been at least twelve people who have been injured at the Gilroy Garlic Festival shootings while three have died as a result of gunshots. Air ambulances had been deployed to give them immediate medical assistance.

Meanwhile, the locals are also giving people shelter at their homes. Investigating officials have found firearms and ammunitions rifle which were used for shooting.

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Social Media Reacts to the Shooting

Here’s what social media has been saying about the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting: