“I’ve had a life that’s full, everyone’s been good to me. So fire up that fiddle, boy, and give me one last drink. When the sun comes up, I will leave without a trace. But the world is mine today,” Enter The Haggis sung.

Prepare yourself, dear reader, as the story is wholesome and heartbreaking. A story of loss and celebration. Millions of people will remember a life well-lived and a memory that will last a long time.

A daughter fulfilled her father’s last wish. Thousands of people came forward to send their love and wish the family good fortune after she posted a lovely moment on her TikTok account. Please, dear reader, for your own sake, grab some tissues as we dive into the details.


Most children dread the final goodbye with their dad. She and her mom thought of something to help him.

It was the moment that most children dread. Her father had died. He was diagnosed with COPD, a lung disease that causes obstructions in the air. It was time for him to rest after a long and intensive fight with a terminal illness. It would be the last time they saw each other.

The mother and daughter went to the hospital. She recorded a 15-minute video of their visit. She shared one of them on her TikTok account. And she sneaked a can of his favorite drink into the house in order to give him the best farewell.


It was time to rest for her father, who was dying of a terminal illness. He had a taste of his favorite drink.

“I came prepared for the send-off,” she said in the footage. “Give him a little taste here,” her mom chimed in, telling her husband that they were about to give him his final drink. “We brought you rum, Dad,” she said while Penelope prepared the drink. “We’re going to put it in [a syringe] and put it in your mouth.”

He squeezed the small amount of rum into his mouth. She asked her dad if he liked it, and he nodded excitedly, causing the two women to laugh. “Hell yeah!” Penelope said in the clip. He passed away shortly after.


“We’re going to put it in [a syringe] and put it in your mouth,” her mom said while Penelope prepared the beverage they’d snuck into the hospital room.

The caption of the video said: “One last drink with Dad before his spirit returned to the universe. Until we cross paths again, old man. I love you.”

The video has been viewed 2.5M times, with thousands sending their all the best and recognition for the sweet motion, filling hearts in both Australia and the remainder of the world.


They asked if it tasted good. He nodded, causing the two women to laugh. He died after their visit.

Since her father died, she has been posting videos on her TikTok, with the most recent one being a week after he left. “Dad gave us a beautiful sunrise,” she said, her mother close by her side. Her dogs had not left her alone since, and her father’s pup, Dinky, has been very confused as to “why dad hasn’t returned home this time, and I wish there was a way for me to explain to him what’s happened.”

“The hardest part was walking in [to my mum’s place] and seeing dad’s seat empty on the couch,” she continued. Penelope ended the video by showing the special bottle of rum her dad had been keeping for decades, but never got to drink. “He always said that he would on his deathbed,” she said.


The places he used to live are now empty. Her father’s dog, Dinky, is confused as to why he hasn’t returned home.

Humans have a tradition of taking one final drink. In most cultures, drinking is an essential element of celebration. Why don’t we toast to ourselves for a long life? The tradition of pouring one out can be used by those who are no longer able to take the liquor themselves.

The ceremony was first noted in ancient Egypt. Water was considered a life-giving liquid and they often used it instead of alcohol.

The Papyrus of Ani, when translated, contains the following passage: “Pour libation for your father and mother who rest in the valley of the dead. Do not forget to do this even when you are away from home. For as you do for your parents, your children will do for you.”

The gesture is meant to include our loved ones in life’s moments even after their death, according to Kate Wight. A bit of alcohol, a few warm words, and a pour to the land beyond is all that is needed.


The moment was shared on TikTok: “One last drink with Dad before his spirit returned to the universe. Until we cross paths again, old man. I love you”

No one prepares you for the loss of a parent. Even the most skilled in the art of visualization can’t imagine the pain of losing a loved one.

It will hurt like hell if you don’t have your hands up to help because grief hits like a bag of bricks being swung at you with full force.

Healthline says there is no one way to grieve. Everyone deals with loss in a different way. The healing process begins when you remember that what you feel is valid and that you fully experience the loss.

Some people work through grief in a short time and move on with their lives. Even though death was expected, others need more time and support.


We wish the family the best during this difficult time.

As you recover from your loss, it’s more important than ever to prioritize your health. Life goes on. You can find more information here.

We wish Penelope and her family strength during this difficult time and we commend them for doing something thoughtful for their father and husband.


Thousands of people have sent their love and support to the family.