For some, the darker the twist, the better. The jokes that get laughs are the ones that take a seriously dark turn.


1. Should’ve told her probably.


2. If they can, so can you!


3. Been suspicious for weeks.


4. An unfortunate place.



5. You shall be unrecognizable.


6. Education is surely a priority.


7. Just maybe…


8. Just smile like that.


9. “The rest of my life”


10. Planning on going to a doctor school.


11. Just can’t stress that much.


12. Happy birthday!


13. Didn’t see that coming.


14. Already stopped reading.


15. Claim your free wallet!


16. A free pie at every meal.


17. “I did my part.”


18. Only the fittest survive!


19. It’s the same idea.


20. “My summer vacation”


21. Never forget the place you come from.


22. No one said nothing.


23. The moment I get off work.


24. MJ Flue’s game right on!


25. “Love and care for animals”


26. This cat’s birthday though.