Danny DeVito and his wife, Rhea Perlman, broke up after being together for more than 30 years. Though, they haven’t even considered getting a divorce. Even though it seems strange, the two of them are very happy with the new relationships they’ve built. And they show that family ties are stronger than anything else.


It was love at first sight.

Rhea and Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito and Rhea met in 1971 after a Broadway show Danny was starring in. Rhea came to the performance. She stayed behind, and the two of them went to eat.

We were instant,

Perlman recalled.

We spent all night talking,

Danny DeVito remembered.

And finally, I asked her for her phone number, and it was a Brooklyn number. So that cinched it, right there.


Together, Danny DeVito and Rhea made a happy family.

Rhea and Danny DeVito

Just like in a fairy tale, the couple made their own happy ending. At home and on TV, they spent time together. In movies like Taxi and Matilda, Danny DeVito and Rhea worked together. But their three children, Lucy, Grace, and Jake, were their biggest accomplishments.

The famous couple tried to keep people from bothering their kids.

They were really good about keeping our home really solid and safe,

recalled Jake.

I always feel like we always were more just excited about being at home with our friends and in our community.


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They lived apart, but they never divorced.

Rhea and Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito and Rhea broke up in 2012, but they got back together in 2013. They stayed together for another four years, but in 2017 they broke up again. Even though they broke up and got back together, they never even thought about getting a divorce.

I’m not getting divorced,

says Rhea.

That’s not in the picture… what for?

The couple lives in different places. Still, they spend a lot of time together and see each other often.

Danny and I have always loved each other, and we have 3 amazing children together, and we really agree on almost everything important, and so, you know, we were together for 40 years,

recalls Rhea.


They were happy with how things were between them now.

DannyDevito and Rhea

Even though the change hasn’t been easy, Danny DeVito and Rhea are both happy with the new way their relationship works.

It’s much better [now] because all the tense stuff is gone,

said, Rhea.

It’s not in your face. I’m not in his face. He’s not in mine.


There was a hard transition through the kids and everything, but everybody’s got a good relationship with Danny and with me and with each other, and that’s all we care about,

Rhea recalled.

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