So here’s the thing. Teenagers can’t speak to their parents about sex and birth control. It’s clear when girls deal with their dads. It can get pretty awkward and fast.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn how this dad dealt with the issue of birth control when talking to his daughters. I think you will find this interesting as well.


J.J. Murphy is a dad.

The family talked about the girls going to college. The older daughter Emma told her dad that she wanted to use birth control before embarking on this new adventure.


The dad took it in stride, instead of freaking out.

He was okay with that for both Emma and his daughter. Once they were far away, the young women wanted to be prepared.


The dad went to the pharmacy.

In the video, he is shown giving his daughters birth control. He proceeds to say, “To my two teenage daughters, this is my first receipt of birth control for you two. And, apparently, there’s a difference in what the doctors think sexual activity from a 17- and an 18-year-old [look like].”


He gave the 17-year-old a small birth control package.

The 18-year-old gets a lot of stuff.

The dad jokingly says, “And, hello, do you guys wanna tell dad something…?” while the girls are laughing.


How many of you ladies had this type of conversation with your dad?

Not me, ha. I didn’t have the talk with my dad. It wasn’t like that when I had one with my mom.


People started praising this dad after this video was posted.

Some women said that their dad didn’t like talking to them or picking up feminine hygiene products. Is that correct? I know what you’re feeling.


This awesome dad has some background information about him.

His girls grew up with him missing a lot of important events in their lives. It is important for him to have a trusting relationship with them. Isn’t that so sweet?


He wasn’t upset when the girls talked about birth control.

He went out and got everything they needed. If that is not a good example of an open-minded dad, I don’t know what is. Do you agree with that?


What do you think about this story?

Did you and your partner talk to your kids about sex, contraception, and birth control? Is it difficult for you to discuss this subject? I think it’s important for kids to speak to their parents about these issues. It’s better to be prepared.