The love of mother and father is priceless. A parent would do anything for their child. The loving dad was determined to alleviate his child’s worries when he saw that his son was becoming self-conscious about his birthmark. He wanted to show his son how much he cared by getting him a tattoo that was identical to his birthmark.

“I didn’t have any hesitation,” Prue says about his momentous act. “My son was feeling more and more self-conscious as he was growing up, and the idea popped in my head to have the same mark as him. . . I saw it as a chance to make him feel more comfortable.”

Prue went to a tattoo and piercing shop near where he lives in Canada to get the job done. The dad spent over 30 hours there, getting a likeness of his son’s birthmark on his chest. Initially, he wasn’t prepared for the time it would take and the pain he would have to endure getting tattooed in such a sensitive area, but he stuck it out, knowing that it would be completely worth it.

Prue’s son was in disbelief when he saw his father’s identical mark as they were playing in the pool. But he was happy once he realized what his dad had done. His father’s act of solidarity gave him.
He isn’t as hesitant to take his shirt off when he goes swimming now that he has the confidence to be different.

For his part, he wouldn’t change a thing. “Now we have the same marks for life,” he says, expressing the tender bond he created with his son.