A Kentucky father’s contentious parenting methods have prompted a social media debate.

When Jordan Driskell, 31, admitted that he walks his five-year-old quintuplets on a leash, he received a lot of negative feedback.

The father of five posted a video of himself leading his tethered children down the street. He captioned the picture with the phrase “Come walk a mile in my shoes” to respond to those who “judge” him for employing child leashes.

After experiencing infertility, Driskell and his 34-year-old wife Brianna welcomed their quintuplets Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin.

The couple now posts on social media about their experience raising five small children. But not everyone thought it was appropriate to strap a restraint device on their kids. Many people criticised Driskell in the comments section for keeping his kids on a leash and treating them like dogs.

“Bro I get what your doing but kids are not animals and should not be treated like em if you can’t control your kids don’t have em,” one person wrote. Another commented: “I totally don’t like how to use kids with leaches it’s not like they are puppies let them be themselves.”

“Just make them hold hands gosh,” added a third.

However, a lot more people stood up for Driskell and supported his decision to put his kids on a leash for their protection.

“I see nothing wrong with this. Dogs have leashes is because they don’t understand road danger. Neither do toddlers,” one person pointed out.

Another agreed, writing: “I can barely keep up with one toddler! the fact that you are managing 5 safely is AMAZING. This person should have kept their mouth shut.”

“Forget the haters,” added a third. “You do what you have to do to keep those precious ones safe!”

Others, on the other hand, admitted that when they were younger, they had actually truly enjoyed donning a harness and leash.

“I LIKED those as a kid, idk why you shouldn’t have one,” one person commented. “Bro when I was little I begged my mom for one,” another wrote.