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John McAfee, a crypto enthusiast, cybersecurity expert and runner for President in 2020 will launch his cryptocurrency called Freedom Coin.

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He made a tweet announcing that the McAfee Freedom Coin will launch in this fall.

In the already saturated market of cryptocurrency, what is the purpose of Freedom Coin?

According to the website of Freedom Coin, it is aimed to provide absolute isolation and independence from traditional currencies, assets, and exchanges to reach economic freedom.

John McAfee explains that he thinks that a coin needs to be disconnected from fiat (traditional currencies like USD) and other crypto coins as well. He envisions a coin with zero cash-in value but still accepted universally. According to him, the value of the Freedom Coin will always remain zero when compared to other currency, yet it remains free to grow.

John McAfee is a known advocate of cryptocurrencies, and he is planning to run for President of the USA. in 2020. While being on a boat in international waters, reports Cointelegraph.

His plans for Presidential campaigns are not severe, but it is an attempt to promote the crypto as a means to secure his freedom.

MaCaffe and his Controversial Personality

It should be noted that he has been indicted by the US IRS( Internal Revenue Service). He is claiming that he will provide a better ground for cryptos to grow if he becomes the President.

Freedom Coin

McAfee has kept no secret about his tax blunders, as he has not filed taxes for eight years.

John recently claimed that he has found out the real identity of the mysterious creator Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. McAfee claims that Satoshi is a man living in the US.

He has put his plan to reveal the identity of Satoshi on hold after his extradition lawyer has adviced not to do so.