There is cute. Then there is cute. There is a cute song called Tiny Animals on Fingers. We believe that the smaller the animal, the more it looks cute. All of you big animals, we still love you very much. We think you are cute but in a different way.

There is a wonderfully wholesome subreddit called ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’ that celebrates the overwhelming cuteness of illegally smol critters perching on people’s fingers. The community of 80k members does what it says on the tin. You will think it is summer again when you see the photos. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pics, an upvote is like gently booping these creatures, even if it is through your screen.

We can’t wait to find out which pictures you loved the most, but we have a soft spot for frogs and hummingbirds.


1. Baby Chameleons.


2. Those “smol” legs though.


3. Northern Blossom Bat.


Sarah from ‘Help Wildlife’ confirmed to Bored Panda that traffic has “a very big impact” on wildlife of all sizes. “As well as the obvious accidents, roads also divide and reduce their natural territories,” she said.

However, not all hope is lost. Some people take the time and energy to protect wildlife from traffic. “Some forward-thinking countries create wildlife crossings when building new roads these days which can be helpful. Otherwise, the best way to prevent the loss of life is to drive carefully, especially in areas with lots of wildlife or where there is undergrowth at the side of the road which animals may dart out from. If an animal comes into contact with your car then always stop and check on them and try to find them help,” Sarah explained.

She said that you can check for wildlife rescues in the UK by following this link and in the US by using Animal Help Now.


4. Smol Dragon.


5. Baby Hummingbird.


6. Western (Australian) Pygmy Possum.


The Tiny Animals on Fingers project has been active for over a year. They will be celebrating their 8th birthday very soon, so if you enjoy their content, we suggest that you pop in with a quick hello.

Some things are cute because of a lot of psychology. According to Dr. Sandra, a psychologist at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York ties into evolutionary biology. “If we think about evolution, our goal as a species is to survive and pass on our genes,” she argues.


7. Baby Starfish.


8. Baby Snapping Turtle.


9. Does this one count?


“By finding things cute we’re more likely to want to take care of them and protect them. They’re more likely to get the attention of the adults around them, remind them, ‘Hey, take care of me. We’re helpless here,’” Pimentel explains.

Dopamine is released in our brains when we look at cute things. We are rewarded for looking at all the different expressions of cuteness. There are tiny animals sitting on people’s fingers. Your brain will thank you for scrolling. You know you need a break from school and work.


10. Just a Caterpillar posing.


11. Baby Opossum.


12. Baby Turtle.


A list of physical characteristics that have different proportions than adults is what we tend to find cute. An animal or baby with a big head is cute because of its body size. Larger eyes, round cheeks, larger foreheads, smaller chins, and smaller noses increase the level of cuteness.

Getting involved with wildlife might not be the best option, as we might want to hold all the cute animals that we can. It is best to admire wildlife from a distance.


13. “Smol” Gecko.


14. An adorable Bee.


15. The pinky finger.


If you plan on feeding wild animals, you should make sure that they don’t become dependent on humans.

“Make sure it’s something healthy, don’t feed so much that they become dependent on people, always keeping in mind you won’t be the only ones feeding them, and don’t let them associate people with food. It’s best for their survival that they remain independent and don’t start approaching people for food,” ‘Help Wildlife’ told during an earlier interview.

Go and look at all those tiny creatures. Don’t be sad if they don’t want to sit on your finger immediately.


16. Cute Kraken.


17. Tiny Frog.


18. Smol Snek.


19. Lil Starfish.


20. Vietnamese Mossy Frog.


21. Baby Lemur Leaf Frog.


22. Another smol Hummingbird.


23. Excited smol Snek.


24. Sea Slugs.


25. Cute Hamster.


26. Baby Ghost Crab.


27. Smol Octopus boi.


28. Tree Python.


29. Feathertail Gliders.


30. Tiny baby Harvest Mouse.