Dogs are indeed cute creatures and there’s absolutely nothing about them that’ll make us angry for a longer time. Their cuteness just takes all the anger away. Whenever there’s a thought of adopting a pet, a dog is the first thing that comes to mind. Dogs are indeed one of the most loyal creatures that will be there for you in your highs and lows. We all need their cheerful and joyful nature to make us happy.

Here are some pictures of dogs and that are sure to make you go “aww”:


1. The moment when they fall asleep in your arms.


2. “How come you’re so tiny?”


3. “Yo hooman. Can you please make the sun go away?”


4. Doggo grins.


5. “Sup man!”


6. Together they make a great window decoration.


7. He had a surprise birthday party thrown for him!


8. 9-year-old doggo after doing great at the vet.


9. Doggo and his gang.


10. Fluffy boi.


11. “Can I sleep on your bed tonight?”


12. Doggo found its comfy spot.


13. Cosmo model.


14. Doggo twinning.


15. Just a doggo playing with its Panda buddy.


16. The Doggo King!


17. “Yo! Get the camera off my face!”


18. Your friendly beer holder.


19. “Gib me more treats plis…”


20. Doggo wanting to have fun in the pool.


21. It’s a dogs’ day out!


22. Coolest doggo in town.


23. Gloomy doggo.


24. Doggo loving some bubbles.



25. Just a big furball chilling in the snow.


26. “Take a picture of me, hooman.”


27. Doggo approves the fragrance.


28. “Gotta take a selfie for social media.”


29. “Do I look pretty?”


30. Issa Rasta doggo!


31. Sleeping beauty.


32. That’s one colorful doggo.


33. They always love to cuddle in between the legs.


34. Doggo watching from a whole new perspective.


35. Doggo in deep sleep.