Doctors and Scientists have found a cure for HIV/AIDS in a certain country by a special method, we have been hearing this kind of reports for many years. Still, there is no actual cure, working solution to treat the horrible disease. More than 37 million people in the world are affected by HIV and get their hopes high on hearing such reports.

The fact is there is a huge difference in a breakthrough and an actual cure that works practically. It will still take years to develop, test and be available for regular patients of AIDS. Here are the main reasons why the cure for HIV/AIDS is not available even after so many news reports of a breakthrough.

Treatment vs. Actual Cure

Cure for HIV AIDS Treatment vs Cure

The most common treatment for HIV/AIDS is currently done using a combination of medicines called antiretroviral therapy (ART). These drugs can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood to very low levels. In some cases, HIV is undetectable due to ART in several patients.

The fact is ART or any other AIDS medicine is just a temporary solution, which only prolonged the life of an infected person. It doesn’t remove HIV completely from the human body and adding its high cost, most of the world can’t even afford the ART drugs.

Challenges in Practical Application

Cure for HIV AIDS Challenges in Treatment

While most of the media reports state that scientists are very close to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS, it doesn’t apply to a general level population. Those patients are kept under special treatment, given drugs and treatment at each stage and doesn’t carry out their daily activities.

It is not possible for everyone in the whole world to get that high profile research treatment. Further, there are so many different types of cases, a cure to one person may not be effective for the general infected patient.

Research is still not Complete

Cure for HIV AIDS Medical Research

There are a lot of researches going in the field and scientist are working day and night to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. Genetics cell, animal testing, Laser ART, etc. are some of the top mediums in which cure or vaccine for HIV is tried to be made. The thing is that even if there is a little success in one of such research, the media reports claims of finding an actual cure. It is not true at all, there will be many years as the medical research are completed and we have a cure for HIV/AIDS.