Cure for HIV/AIDS 2019

HIV/AIDS is one of the worst disease known to mankind, and most of the times, it is not even deducted. People feel shy or awkward for testing of AIDS, and due to that, it has affected millions of people as there is no cure for AIDS. An HIV vaccine developed by the Chinese scientist has been successful in killing the virus.

The experiments were done on the humanized mouse model, and it has entered clinical phase 2 with more than 100 participants. There has been a lot of scientific breakthrough for finding a cure for HIV/AIDS, but none of them got any close to an actual solution. The Chinese doctors are very close to a solution, and here are the details on the research matter.

China is very Close to a Cure

China is Close to a Cure for HIV/AIDS 2019

As of right now, 130 participants have signed up for trial and testing of the special vaccine. The research will be conducted at hospitals in Beijing and Hangzhou of China. HIV vaccine works by using some form of component of HIV DNA to increase the body’s immunity against the virus.

The first trail happened in 2007 and second will be completed by the year 2021. The Doctors in China have found the cure for HIV/AIDS to be working in the initial stages. The process has now reached the next stage, also labeled as the second stage and hopes to cure AIDS soon.

UNAIDS reports a to End AIDS by 2020

UNAIDS Reports Cure for HIV/AIDS 2019

About 37.9 million people are suffering from the disease of HIV (PLHIV), and they have not received any cure for HIV/AIDS. UNAIDS has launched a campaign which aims to make the treatment more accessible end the epidemic by 2020.

Efforts are made for detection, treatment, and viral suppression and find a cure for the horrible disease. Major incidents are seen in southern and eastern parts of Africa where more than half of people with HIV are living right now. If the vaccine solution is successful, a lot of lives could be saved as a cure for HIV/AIDS will treat everyone affected.