Cure for HIV/AIDS is closer than we think as a second patient has been cured of the disease which has rekindled hope for the millions of infected people. The second person to get cured of the horrible epidemic is a 40-year-old man named Adam Castillejo from London. After the Berlin Patient, the latest person to get cured is called London Patient and it has opened up new possibilities in the medical field and research for curing HIV and AIDS.

While the methods used on the two patient is not a universal way of treating HIV, but it points at a potential genetic cure for HIV. The London Patient is not a miracle case and it inspires everyone to put on more efforts and end HIV for once and all.

London Patient is Not Just a Miracle

London Patient was Not Just a Miracle

The London Patient was cured of HIV 12 years after the Berlin Patient and the delay has raised several questions. Many people thought that a person getting cured of HIV/AIDS is just a miracle, but the second case has proved them wrong. It is not a once in a lifetime event but a properly planned science experiment designed to cure HIV and end the virus from spreading again.

There is also a third patient in Düsseldorf whose bone marrow transplant appears free from the virus-containing HIV. Both the Berlin and London patients were born with two different versions of the CCR5 protein, which proves that original genes don’t matter as long as they are replaced with HIV-resistant mutation.

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Future Possibilities of HIV Cure and Ending the Virus

Future Possibilities of HIV Cure

HIV cure is now one step closer as the Scientists have discovered the ways to stop the virus from spreading. The process includes taking stem cells and giving them a genetic mutation and infusing them back into the infected patient. In the future, they could develop a way to create an injectable cure that could add the gene mutation. There is a lot of hard work to do for the future but new possibilities have opened up that can eliminate HIV and end the virus for permanent.

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