LinkedIn is an integral part of communication and job search that has become an integral part of the hiring process today. However, some LinkedIn influencers, also known as “LinkedIn Lunatics”, take this idea to the next level by declaring it the most obscene, excessive, personal, or crazy content on the platform. Here are our favorites (Courtesy of r/LinkedInLunatics):


1. Talking about money not being everything but having everything at the same.


2. Giving followers an assignment.


3. Don’t ever stop working!


4. Photoshopping a message to self.


5. Doesn’t it seem a bit extreme?


6. Recruiters on LinkedIn being a bit personal.


7. The grind must go on!


8. Not for fun purposes.


9. Imagine having a post, resharing it, and then commenting on it.


10. For a professional platform, this is a bit personal.


11. Not a right standard to hold applicants to.


12. What even is this guy imagining? A dystopian future?


13. You don’t always get paid off for your persistence.


14. Makes no sense in posting Halloween costumes on LinkedIn.


15. TMI (Too much information).


16. No need to post bathroom stall pictures.


17. This weird flex is somewhat bearable.


18. Note that it isn’t Facebook. It’s LinkedIn.


19. To promote a new brand, this person is a newborn.


20. Showing off and then asking to be humble.


21. So much for just an internship.