The ritual of a morning shower or evening shower is still a sacred one. The shower is where you can relax, gather your thoughts, or let them run wild; no other place is as inspiring as the bathroom. An inspiring place needs to be supplemented with a pleasant environment – nobody could loosen up with dull and boring stuff around them. A creative shower curtain would be a good place to start. We have gathered the best shower curtains in one place so that you can get inspired if you agree with us.

Are animals inspiring to you? It’s all in here, from kittens eating pizza to narwhals charging into battle and your pet’s portrait gracing the shower curtain. Maybe it is the art that makes you happy? You can choose from Japanese lithographs, classical artworks, and even stuff you have created yourself. You can have scenes from Psycho printed directly onto your new and unique shower curtains if you need more in your life. If these suggestions aren’t for you, you can always go with a funny shower curtain that has a picture of your own yourself on 72 x 72 inches.

We have covered all the bases regarding the creative shower curtains you are about to see, so it is your turn to scroll down and look at the bathroom decor that speaks to your heart. Tell us what you think about our little list by voting for the most unique shower curtains.


1. My Friend’s Roommates’ Shower Curtain.


2. No regrets.


3. Quite a nautical shower curtain.


4. Nerdy.




6. Lord Jesus saw everything.


7. A photo shower curtain.


8. Error 404: Curtain not found!


9. Doggo approves this shower curtain.


10. When you let kids choose their shower curtain.


11. Quite a spooky one.


12. A girl had let her boyfriend choose the shower curtain.


13. My Wife Is Gonna Love Our New Shower Curtain.


14. Nice curtain.


15. Nice periodic table shower curtain.


16. A shower that gets turned on.


17. My roommate picked a new shower curtain out of a lot of options.


18. My Girlfriend got me a new shower curtain.




20. I’m a 30-year-old and I don’t regret buying this.


21. Llama shower curtain.


22. Pumpkin Cat Curtain.




24. I decided to surprise my girlfriend with a new shower curtain. I hope I am still home when she discovers it.




26. New shower curtain.


27. Quite a trippy curtain.


28. I chose my own shower curtain ’cause I’m single.


29. What’s going on here?


30. Cover Of Folklore As A Shower Curtain.