Architects are not the only ones who feel like they live in their own fantasy land. The buildings that they create can range from majestic all the way to magical, and they are sure to catch your eye with their flying buttresses, columns, and fearsome facades. You can sometimes get the idea that some of the artistic innovators haven’t fully thought through some things, like the fact that people have to live and work in the buildings they design.

We have some dreamy and confusing buildings to show you today, so take out your opera glasses, grab yourself some popcorn, and let’s go take a tour through the creme de la creme of the ‘Bizarre Buildings’ subreddit. Check out some of the cool-looking buildings that people might have a hard time living in, upvote the ones that you liked the most, and let us know which one you would pick as your home in the comment section.

I had a conversation with Dr. Komisar, who is a specialist in architectural design, the history and theory of architecture, and designing for urban agriculture, told Bored Panda that professionals should look to the ancient Roman writer Vitruvius for inspiration. “What he said about balancing commodity (the suitability of the building too needs), firmness (structural integrity), and delight (the aesthetics of the building and its relationship to site and context) still holds.”


1. Cat Shaped Kindergarten, Germany.


2. The world’s oldest astrological clock is located in the Czech Republic.


3. The evolution of this building can be seen in its Masonry.


Dr. Bored Panda was told by Komisar that no matter how good an architect is, they won’t be prepared for all potential problems and eventualities. “But understanding the site conditions and evaluating other buildings using the same construction techniques and materials can help avoid problems,” she said.

When it seems like every single idea has already been done, I was interested in learning how architects can innovate and create new ideas. According to Dr. Komisar, the changes don’t have to be profound. Start small.


4. Unique Housing In the Netherlands.


5. Pavilion of the Enlightened, Thailand.


6. The National Carpet Museum In Baku, Azerbaijan.


“Innovation does not have to be radical, but can be an incremental change that will benefit the users and society at large. At the moment we have a huge opportunity to build sustainable buildings that approach or attain a ‘net zero’ energy cost. By using local and/or sustainable materials, designing for passive and/or active solar and wind power, designing for very low energy usage, and renovating and adapting existing buildings we can help to mitigate climate change.”

Dr. Komisar continued: “Addressing this environmental crisis is not only an issue that we must address but also is a tremendous opportunity for design innovation. Addressing these concerns will most definitely introduce a variety of creative solutions.”


7. There is a sculpture in Florence, Italy that has rooms hidden inside.


8. Living like a caveman with modern amenities.


9. This Building In Guizhou, China.


It’s a tough nut to crack. It is a very functional and rational sphere of activity that designs the spaces in which we live, work, and sleep. It is an artistic expression that puts form on the same level of importance as function. If you are going to build something. Shouldn’t it be stunning?

It is up to the architect to solve the engineer’s question. How do you make sure that your building doesn’t cause people to riot and denounce it in the news while also making sure that you innovate and create something unique?


10. The Department Of Fisheries In Hyderabad, India.


11. The Interlace – Singapore.


12. You love that cottage when your family needs an upgrade.


99 Designs says that buildings should be eye-catching and should pop out of their surroundings. At least some of the conventions need to be broken.

The architect should be aware of the building’s surroundings and use them as a backdrop. If you pay homage to the building’s more traditional surroundings with the details, colors, etc.

As soon as you start sketching out your ideas for your project, you should consider the surroundings that your choice of materials and the way that you shape your project come in.

Even though you are creating a work of art, it has to be practical. When sculpture-making gives you the freedom to express yourself, what is the point of architecture?


13. Turtle Building.


14. The Sheep Building (Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand).


15. Japanese Moka Train Station In A Shape Of A Locomotive.


The r/bizarrebuildings community celebrated its 5th birthday a few months ago, and it is going strong. We can see that the number of members will rise in the future.

If you liked the photos in this list, you should visit the community. Pop in for a quick hello or post a weird looking building.

“If it’s a bizarre building, it belongs here. No, not pictures of buildings having a Christmas bizarre [look]. We want unique, one-of-a-kind buildings!” the ‘Bizarre Buildings’ moderators shared what their online group is all about.

Your regular holiday-decoration-bizarre just won’t cut it. You have to go for weird. If you want Alice to think she is still in Wonderland, crank the weird up to eleven. You also have the ability to do the climate when you innovate.


16. An Original 1930’s Shell Gas Station.


17. This Is The Proposed Crescent Moon Tower For Dubai.


18. This is what happens when the owner of half of the townhouse doesn’t want to sell.


19. Container House In The Desert.


20. The Mahanakhon Tower In Bangkok, Thailand.


21. Kazakhstan’s Tower Of The Sun.


22. Abandoned Potato Sorting Station In Ukraine.


23. Treehouse Restaurant (Demolished), Okinawa.


24. Inverted Pyramid House In Spain.


25. Tianzi Hotel, China.


26. When your brother-in-law owns a struggling window store.


27. The Stockholm Telephone Tower With Approximately 5,500 Telephone Lines, 1890.


28. Walden 7 In Barcelona, Spain.


29. There is an open market in the Netherlands.


30. An Awesome Building In Chile.