Have you ever thought about quitting your job, selling your house, packing your things, and going on a long, long trip? If yes, this post is going to give you the much-needed motivation that you need to start your journey.

This story is about Lee Hodges, 33, and Willow Rolfe, 29. Both are teachers and they began their road trip across North America in August 2019. After two months, they decided to adopt a stray cat, and shortly, the cat became one of their family members.

Meet Willow, Lee, and their adopted cat Aimee, who they found in Washington, DC

Aimee was rescued a few months into their road trip

They even joke that the cat is “better traveled than most people.”

As they crossed from the USA to Mexico, Aimee got attacked by a pack of dogs

That left her with a broken leg

Her leg needed time to heal and the pandemic began, trapping them in Mexico

They just couldn’t leave their feline companion behind

Unfortunately, their VW van broke down twice and they are still waiting for parts

Aimee the cat is now waiting for the journey back to the UK as they are still stuck in Mexico

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