I spend over $100 at their stores every time they have something. I would love to leave a store without hitting the triple digits. It’s hard to resist spending money at Target. Today, I present you a dog bed for adults.

Who knows tomorrow?


It’s a Dog bed-like pillow made for us.

It’s definitely a dog bed if you happen to have a dog. Lounge and Co-created the “crash pillow”, an oversized bean bag for adults.


This pillow has absolutely no limit on how you can crash on it.

If you bunch it up, you can use it as a lounge chair. Unlike a boring couch, this pillow can do it all.


No joke, this thing is HUGE!

This pillow is 74 x 53 inches and can fit two full-grown adults with room to spare. It’s large enough to fit a spoiled cat that will park in the middle and refuse to share.


It can be found at Costco.

You can find your new favorite spot to sit at your local store, just for $119.99. If you don’t know if it’s still in stock, you can check the website for more information.