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What is Conor McGregor controversy? UFC President Dana White clarifies

Conor McGregor wants a piece of UFC for free and Dana White is having none of it.

The UFC President told TMZ on Tuesday that McGregor should not get too hopeful about establishing a stake in the Martial Arts company anytime soon. He also added he has never had a serious conversation on the subject with Conor McGregor.

The negotiations between Conor McGregor and Dana White

“Conor has never come out, sat down with me, and said, ‘I want a piece of the company, here’s why,’” White said.

He also added that Conor texted him a few weeks ago, but that’s about it.

Conor McGregor will never get a piece of the UFC, says Dana White

White revealed that he received a text from the Irish boxer a fortnight ago where he said that he feels like he should have ownership of a small part of the UFC.

“Conor, you know that’s never going to happen,” replied White.

UFC Controversy: How it all began

The tussle began when the UFC asked the lightweight champion to co-headline the International Fight Week pay-per-view event this year. McGregor responded by announcing that he would be willing to do so if he gets some shares of the company. He also reiterated the same at a Q&A event earlier this month in Chicago, demanding his ‘rightful shares’.

White responded to the demands by stating that McGregor would have to buy the shares like everyone else if he wants to be a part of the company. “That’s how it works,” he said.

Conor McGregor will never get a piece of the UFC, says Dana White

Retirement plans and sexual assault charges

Conor McGregor will never get a piece of the UFC, says Dana White tweeted Tuesday morning that he will be retiring from MMA this year. The boxer made such announcements in 2016 too and then went on to play three matches.

The Irishman is also under investigation for alleged sexual assault.

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