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In a sit-down interview with Megan Olivi, UFC President Dana White dropped some major hints about the future of the company in 2019. He was questioned about some of the biggest stars in the UFC and whether they would be seen in the octagon in 2019.

White was questioned about Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz, Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier. Let us take a closer look at what White had to say about these fighters:

Dana White hints UFC 2019 Conor McGregor matches
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Conor McGregor to Return in UFC in 2019: Dana White

Taking a dig at his recent arrest, Dana White said that Conor McGregor would certainly return to UFC in 2019 if he keeps out of trouble! McGregor, who was facing a six-month ban following the incident with Khabib Nurmagomedov last year – is cleared to fight again. One of the biggest stars in the UFC, McGregor will be back to claim his number-one spot soon.

White praised McGregor’s accomplishments inside the Octagon and outside it. White said that as McGregor continues to become wealthier, he might just want to stop. However, he will be back soon.

UFC 2019 Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz
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Will The Diaz Brothers Fight in the UFC in 2019?

Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz are controversial as they haven’t participated in fights for a really long time.

However, Dana White smirked at this and pointed out – “they’re still under contract and they owe me three fights a year.”

White was open to the Diaz Brothers: Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz returning to the Octagon. Dana White commented that all that the Diaz brothers have to do is to pick up the phone and give him a call.

Dana White reveals, UFC 2019 Brock Lesnar
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Brock Lesnar to Return to UFC in 2019: Dana White

Another major name that was dropped during this interview was that of Brock Lesnar. Dana White acknowledged that Brock is currently in the WWE and doing well there. However, he added that Brock ‘has never shied away from a fight’ and that whenever he feels like he’s in the right mood, he would give him a call. White said that he is expecting a call this summer!

UFC 2019 Daniel Cormier
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Daniel Cormier to Return to UFC in 2019

Finally, Daniel Cormier was also discussed during this interview. The prospect of him facing Brock Lesnar is the only thing that could bring him out of retirement, White commented. It would be interesting to see if Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Cormier does happen this summer!