The edges of infinity pools are made so that water can flow over them. So, the edge looks like it blends into the ocean or the sky. It creates a visual of a pool with no edge, which is where the name “infinity” comes from. Right now, there are a lot of infinity pools all over the world. But London is the first place to have a 360-degree infinity pool, which is the first of its kind. From 200 meters above the ground, swimmers get a full view of the city.

Compass Pools, a company that makes swimming pools in the UK, announced a project that would lead to the building of a 55-story skyscraper in London. But the main attraction will be the 360-degree infinity pool that will cover the entire rooftop of the building. As soon as the company put up pictures of what Infinity London would look like, people had different thoughts about the project. Anyone swimming in the pool on top of a tall building would have a clear view of the beautiful city. But people who are very afraid of heights might not be able to swim 200 meters above the ground.

Also, people had a lot of questions about how the 360-degree infinity pool was made. If there was a lot of wind, it would be hard for the water and the pool to stay in place. How can it hold up under the weight of the water if it doesn’t have any supports or underpinnings? Even more important, how can anyone get to the pool on the roof?

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The final design for the Infinity London, which has a 360-degree infinity pool on top of a 55-story building, has been released by Compass Pools.

Every question can be answered by Compass Pools. The designers say that the pool has a built-in anemometer to measure the speed of the wind. This piece of technology is connected to a computer-controlled building management system that keeps the water in the pool from being blown away by the wind. Also, the water will stay at the right temperature because the management system will use renewable energy.

The 360-degree infinity pool won’t be made of glass. Instead, it will be made of cast acrylic. This material is much stronger than glass. It also has the same wavelength as water, so the pool will look clear. Aside from the sides, the floor will also be made see-through, so people inside the building will be able to see the swimmers above. People can get into the pool through a spiral staircase that rises from the floor of the pool. Anyone can get in or out of the pool through this door, which looks like the entrance of a submarine.

The building of Infinity London was set to start in 2020. Even though the design had been done, the location hasn’t been decided yet. If this project goes through, London will have another beautiful landmark to add to its skyline. In addition to the impressive “Infinity Pool,” a project called “The Tulip” is also in the works. The tulip-shaped observation tower, which was made by J. Safra Group and Foster + Partners, will be 305 meters tall. People say that it will be finished in London in 2025. And when it’s done, it will be as tall as The Shard, which is London’s tallest building.

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The Tulip, a 305-meter-high observation tower, is another innovative project that will be built in London in 2025.


Look at what people had to say about the 360-degree infinity pool: