I wanted to share with you some of the small stories that I had compiled into comics while I was in Ukraine and some of the stories from Ukrainians who live and are in the warzone.


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Children and animals suffer from this war. After the full-scale war began in Ukraine, some of the families took their friends with them, but some of the pets were left behind.


With the help of friends, we bought over 150 diapers and canned food for the injured dogs at the shelter. The shelter was bombed by Russians and the region was occupied for almost a month, so the owners weren’t able to properly feed the animals. The shelter had over 400 dogs. We helped with the delivery of humanitarian aid and bought 1500 kilos of dog food to help another shelter.



Many people reorganized and learned how to help military forces. They believe that they should try to do more. What about our governments?



The souls of murdered children.


My motivation for creating is to make people happy. We can discuss a lot of conflicting topics. I have changed as a person and some of my followers have as well. I am using my page to spread awareness of the war and I hope that people who read the comic will know about it. Also, I will come back with funny comics to make people happy after the war is over.



This is not Hachiko.



Russian propaganda has no limits because they claim that Ukrainians are horrible Nazis and have dangerous bio labs with ill pigeons. Fascists are people who try to protect their homes and land.


I started my comics because I wanted to show funny lifestyle stories for girls. My mom is my main influence for that, she always tells me funny stories and they become part of my comics. It’s hard to explain my personal style, it just forms when you draw a lot.

My comic ideas are dependent on the plot and what I want to explain. It can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 hours to finish a piece of work. It can take up to 4-5 hours for comics to be more colorful or a collaboration with another artist.



The rooster and shelf have become a symbol of the Ukrainians. The ceramic rooster and shelf were undamaged by the missile that hit the house.



If you are in trouble, a true friend is always there for you.


When it comes to creating comics for me personally, coloring is the most enjoyable part. It calms me down and makes me think about life in general.

I feel like a lot of other artists do. It was at the end of summer. My followers pulled me out of my thoughts when I was creating art. The second time it happened was right after the Russian invasion and I was so depressed because of my family roots and the fact that some of my relatives also live in Ukraine. After reading the news for a long time and fearing for their lives, I stopped art for a while and decided to help with my art and tell people about the war. I started a new series for that.



“This is a ‘special military operation,’ we are saving the Russian-speaking population!” At the end of the day, no one can be protected, especially not those countries that have a lot of Russian-speaking immigrants.



The priority of things has changed since 2012 when Russians thought that Ukrainians were poor because of propaganda. Russian troops stole women’s underwear from the washing machines because they were jealous of that.


A lot of Ukrainians express gratitude and thank me for showing support for them after I received a lot of positive feedback. More people will be inclined to help if they know the truth.



There is no information about the children that have been killed in Mariupol, but officials are saying that around 216 children have passed away in the war. More than one hundred thousand children have been deported from Ukraine to Russia and many of them are not orphans.





Lake Lemuria, the Rose Lake, and the Carpathians are some of the prettiest lakes in the country. Try their national bread. On Kupala Night, you can see their customs. You will fall in love.



There is no safe place in Ukraine. Missiles are capable of hitting anywhere. Air alarms can catch you in unforeseen situations.



Protests in Russia are supported by fear and while in Ukraine, people are fighting for their freedom with the Russian armed forces, they already have lost their fear of death. Russians don’t want to go to prison.







A ton of superstars, well-known brands, and tremendous organizations have wouldn’t uphold Russia and this is a gigantic sign to all that Russia is doing some unacceptable thing and their viciousness is unimportant in the 21st hundred years.



More than 100,000 people are still in the ruined city of Mariupol and they have no access to simple things like water, food, and medicine. The Russian Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory decided to forcibly export grain from the Kherson region. The decision was published by the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, but later disappeared from the site and was preserved in the Wayback Machine archive.





Many men and women are very brave despite the horrible things that have happened.



Ukraine needs the help of everyone. It is a matter of survival and preservation of democracy and humanity for them to be independent. It will be a signal to other dictators to do what they want. Killing civilians, invading other countries, and doing whatever they want without consequences!



There was a story about a granny hitting a Russian drone with a tomato can. I don’t think this was a coincidence, but rather a fact. The Russian police arrested people with white sheets of paper, bicycles, and innocent children.