Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler UFC

While Kamaru Usman deals with injuries that he suffered in March, Colby Covington, who was waiting for Usman, will now be facing Robbie Lawler. The match between Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler is all set to be the main event of UFC Newark, which takes place on Saturday, the 3rd of August at New Jersey’s Prudential Center.

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Let us take a closer look at how this match came to be and who is likely to win this encounter between the two.

Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler: How Did This Match Happen?

Given that he is currently ranked #2 on UFC’s Welterweight division, Colby Covington is looking for a fight! He said that while Usman has been injured and away, he was waiting for a challenger.

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He said that UFC was looking for someone who would be willing to fight at short notice and when the name of “the last real champion” the divison had was pitted against him, Covington immediately said yes.

Who Will Win The Match Between Covington vs Lawler

Given the current state of things, it appears that Lawler might end up losing the Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler match. While Lawler is a veteran of the sport, he has been through a lot over the years and Covington, on the other hand, is at the top of his game right now.

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The match between the two is like the one happening in boxing between Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman where a younger contemporary is taking on an ageing legend.