They are constantly experiencing criticism over the way in which they decided to give their daughter, Chanel Nicole, a life, and it has turned to follow in the news once again today. Ice T and Coco are the parents of Chanel Nicole. The two have not made any secret of the fact that they are traveling with their parents.

sharing pictures of themselves and their younger daughter on a regular basis. Baby Chanel even has her own social media account, which is managed by her parents and has amassed 447 thousand followers. You can watch her having a good time at school, revealing her gender for the first time, and hanging out with her famous parents in the video. About her mother, Coco’s account is where you can watch out more at the back-of-the-scenes angle of the homie, and that is the role that has people showing their love for her.

At first, Coco was discouraged in her endeavors to breastfeed her child, which occurred a significant amount of time before Chanel was born. Recently, when Chanel was only 5 years old, her mother ensured that she would continue having milk for her baby girl and made the decision to allow her to continue having milk for her baby girl until she is of great age and is ready to stop having milk.

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“Chanel remain likes my milk,” Coco told at the interview. “It’s a huge connection for a mom and your baby.” People believe that five years old is too old, and they wonder whether or not the mother should consider attempting to connect with her child in a different way.

This year, followers came for them after they were seen pushing their now 6-year-old child in a stroller while on tour. Fans are of the opinion that Chanel is too large and that she ought to walk on her own. Fans also took issue with the fact that Coco and Chanel wore very similar outfits while they were on their trip, as well as with the fact that Chanel was allowed to imitate Coco’s fashion choices.