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Clash of Clans Gold Pass: Worth it or not?

Clash of Clans Gold Pass Benefits

The Clash of Clans Gold Pass is the latest among ‘passes’ to be introduced. It came around after a recent update.

Of late, almost every game is issuing its own ‘pass’ which allows you access to extra features. Some games offer it as a one-time purchase per season while others have introduced a subscription model.

Clash of Clans Gold Pass System Season Rewards
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Let us take a closer look at the Clash of Clans Gold Pass and see what benefits it offers and if it is worth the money you are paying.

Clash of Clans Gold Pass: What are the benefits?

Buying this gold pass will allow gamers to participate in some of the seasonal challenges. While there are many free-to-play challenges and rewards available too, but the best of them are available only to those who own this gold pass.

Clash of Clans Gold Pass Cost
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Players using the silver pass (free-to-play) are given 15 rewards and they get to claim as much as 5 Million Gold and Elixir and 50,000 Dark Elixir from the season bank. However, those using the Clash of Clans gold pass can get access to 30 rewards, 25 Million Gold/Elixir and 250,000 Dark Elixir

Gold Pass Cost and Buying Strategy

Clash of Clans Gold Pass System
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The Clash of Clans gold pass costs $4.99 (or the equivalent of 500 gems in your region). On Clash of Clans, Seasons last from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. Hence, getting a gold pass early on in the month will be more beneficial to you than getting it towards the end of the month.

Written by Kanishka

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