Children will tell you the truth without sugar-coating it. It’s not nice to say something even if it’s true, that’s why parents try to teach their kids. When parents forbid their kids from saying certain words, children turn on their creativity and give the adults some gems.

There is a Twitter user by the name of AlixEHarrow and she shared that she doesn’t let her 4-year-old say the word “gross” at the dinner table and that resulted in the child inventing new phrases to say same thing.

Parents and children often have to find ways to express themselves using different words because of forbidding words. The unique phrases their kids have come up with in this thread are sure to amuse you.


1. The kid’s been brought up well.


2. He’s not wrong though.


3. Sweet Potatoes be sus indeed.


4. Good description of sparkling water.


5. If only more adults could be polite like this.


6. Not all pancakes are equal.


7. Polite version of Gordon Ramsay.


8. He is 100% right.


9. This child is a preacher.


10. This is some outside joke.


11. The “depressed cucumber” part is pretty funny.


12. Now that’s a compliment!


13. Must’ve been a dish badly cooked.


14. Lucky indeed (sarcasm intended)!


15. Make the kid something good to eat!


16. Well done!


17. The self-confidence though.


18. At least she was honest.


19. The mystery remains.


20. It’s a known feeling.


21. This word needs to be approved by Oxford Dictionary.


22. Give him Yogurt!


23. This is so not unlovable.


24. This kid has a bright future.


25. Honest meatloaf review.


26. This kid is opposed to “out of this world” with the dish.


27. This child seems dangerous.


28. This kid provides a good place for food.


29. Honest cake review.


30. This kid is vitriolic.