Back then, everything was different. Did you remember how you thought every boy at your sister’s graduation party was into you? What about the time when you were 6 years old and thought you were the main character at some bowling alley? We have all been there and felt safe.

Today, you get that sweet “what was I thinking?”. Look at these childhood photos and cringe. This is what the new TikTok trend is all about.

Initially, the TikToker mally_a started going viral with a video featuring funny and cute photos of herself at 6 years old, when she felt like the main character. A new video trend on social media has been sparked by her TikTok. People are willing to dive into their childhood photo albums, and their findings are pure gold.


1. Pink ghost burglar.


2. The Henna is beautiful though.


3. That feeling though.

Hazel posted a TikTok of herself as a 9-year-old, thinking she was being extra by wearing heels by the pool. Hazel told us that when she saw the new TikTok trend, she thought it was right up her street as she had lots of embarrassing pictures of herself.

A picture of 9-year-old Hazel was taken when the family was on a holiday. Hazel owned the first pair of heels that she wore, so as you can imagine, she wore them everywhere. I would never take them off even by the pool.

Hazel cringes over her holiday picture.


4. Did it work?


5. Is that young Sia?


6. Gotta love her confidence!

Last year, TikTok was the most downloaded app with a count of 1.5 billion. TikTok was the third most downloaded app. It seems like nothing could slow down its popularity, as it is now officially the most loved app by Gen Z.

According to Business Insider, TikTok’s growth has to do with users in India, which accounted for 31% of the app’s downloads. The US was TikTok’s second-biggest market with about 8.2% of downloads.


7. In 1985, they would be.


8. She did rock the outfit though.


9. Quite relatable.

TikTok’s success is due to something that is completely unique to it. TikTok has the ability to make users feel like they are watching a reality show that offers new content over a period of time.

TikTok is a machine that is powered by real people and their real-life experiences. Most of the internet’s viral content is born here.

The song “Old Town Road,” which won a gramophone thanks to the meme culture on the platform, is a case in point.


10. It’s pretty cute, honestly.


11. She looks pretty cool though.


12. Those glasses are amazing!


13. This girl’s pose game is strong!


14. She seems like a fun and nice person.


15. If that make-up artist was Jackson Pollock, perhaps…


16. She had good lipstick skills though.


17. So… what about now?


18. That’s one solid look.


19. Quite funny.


20. Why would a 10-year-old want to look hot for boys?


21. The Cheetah girls are quaking!


22. Nothing seems wrong with the look anyway.


23. She’s a great sport.


24. Her outfit looks pretty cool.