It is never good news that your partner is unfaithful. Unless you were going to break up with them in the first place. Jane was not planning on receiving a Christmas gift from her boyfriend. The couple was able to motivate each other to stay fit by syncing up their activities. Sounds great, right? Not exactly.

Apparently, things weren’t as good as they thought. On Jane’s boyfriend’s birthday, a woman showed up at his apartment with balloons to wish him a happy birthday. As she waited for her boyfriend to come back, she noticed that he was more active. At 4 am!


The reporter shared how she caught her cheating boyfriend.

Jane realized that the man was cheating on her with someone else after he failed to return her calls and text messages. Not classy!



The story blew up after she shared it on Twitter. Many responded by telling their own cheating stories as well as sharing their insights on similar cases. The others used words and images to express their opinion.


People shared some of their stories.


Jane is a reporter for the Dallas Cowboys and she puts a spotlight on the news. The woman is a sideline reporter.



Others tweeted their opinions and reactions.