The feeling of waking up next to cats is totally something else.

Have you ever woken up next to a cat? We are not talking about your cat, we are talking about your neighbor’s cat sleeping next to you. A man woke up one morning and saw a catto sleeping next to him, instead of his wife. What a cute moment!


1. Waking up next to a sleeping beauty be like…


2. Who doesn’t like to sleep for a bit more?


3. All they want is some nice ear rubs.


4. Who was the owner of the cat?


5. When it’s time for your wife to leave for work but she doesn’t want you to feel alone.


6. You gotta welcome them when they approach you.


7. When you’re cheating on both the families and get caught.


Know that your cat is cheating on you when she comes in the morning and leaves in the night. It might get you in a fight with your neighbors since we suspect she is cheating on you. Cats are smart to have two families, two homes, two owners, and a lot of food to eat. Are you aware of why your cat is getting fat?


8. She often gives reminders about her belonging to this house.


9. Community cats are simply amazing.


10. Any place belongs to the cats if they want it.


11. Want a cat? Just leave your windows open.


12. The best snuggle buddies are cats. Period.


13. Cats are legit THE best sleeping partners.


14. Cat comes in smelling like a perfume.


15. That feeling of the whole belonging to you. Just adorable.


After all the arguments, fights, and a lot of research, we have to this point that cats think the world is theirs. They keep changing homes. They are free to choose their owners.