cats trolling people

Cats are mischief masters.

They are like frat boys who never fully grow up in their minds and always remain at college. They might be drunk frat bros, which isn’t that different from the other, but you know what I mean.
Cats like messing with humans until we think we are going crazy. You will never know what they are going to do next after stealing your spot at the dining table.

Some of the funniest pictures prove cats love to troll people. They will do whatever they want to do even if it is inconvenient. They are quite selfish at times and don’t really care what you think. I am not ragging on cats as I love cats myself but sometimes you have to speak your truth.

You can see my truth by scrolling below.


1. You don’t care about being ladylike.

My boyfriend is watching the cat. He turned around and found this.


2. Hooman is in safe hands.


3. Kitty is in love with the new hat.


4. Posing for your birthday picture be like…


5. Is it true that you don’t let your cat sleep in your bed while you rest on the floor?


6. The guy couldn’t breathe with this chonker on him.


7. There is a cute little blep that will make you forget about the plant.


The cat might be trying to ruin the grass. Cats are very curious creatures and they like to sit in weird places. They want to see how everything works. If you have an expensive bed for your cat, they will usually sit on it. If you have a cat, there are bound to be ruined things in your home.


8. This cat has a story to tell.

After 150 fliers and countless tears, Dolores is back home.


9. Spot the real cat.

I bought some Halloween decor at a thrift store, but I can’t find my cat.


10. The cat wants to eat the whole chicken.

My cat likes to visit our neighbors. She came back with a snack.


11. When you are looking for a midnight snack.


12. Honestly, it looks pretty.

The other night, my mom and aunt made some chocolate caramels. My aunt’s cat wanted to add some artistic flair.


13. When you respond to the cat with a meow.


14. The kitty tried to get through airport security.


15. Gotta listen to the cats after all.

The guys from maintenance left a note on the door of my house.


And this right here is the kitty’s question.


Does your cat do the same things? Don’t forget to share these hilarious cat antics with your friends in the comments below.