Cat’s ability to climb and hide is the only thing that is better than the cat’s cuteness.

Check out these photos that cat owners took when they realized James Cook and George Mallory had nothing on their pets.


1. Spidercat waiting for a kiss.


2. It’s a bat!


3. The new cat chair isn’t that comfy.


4. “Help meeeee!”


5. Now that is a beautiful cat.


6. Mistakes were made.


7. The meowing is coming from inside the couch.


8. Cats are so wonderfully weird.


9. She found the Batcave.


10. “Honey, I Blew Up The Cat.”


11. “Oh, don’t mind me. Just watching.”


12. “Your balls are mine!!!”


13. Vulture cat is patiently waiting for your demise.


14. “What do you mean I am stuck? I am totally comfy here.”


15. 8 rolls plus free fluffy gift.


16. Well, if she was crying she was in the right spot.


17. Imposter vent.


18. Tom Cruise made it look so easy!


19. “Don’t mind me. Just chillin’ here. Come to grandma! “


20. Catmoflauge


21. Looks like a glass of milk.


22. Call a catsorcist!


23. “That was fun. Let’s do it again!”


24. Poor cat has been blinded.


25. “Kitty, you’re not trash! I’m trash!”


26. That is a seriously damaged sofa!


27. Gotta admit that’s a cool hiding space.


28. It saw a… mouse.


29. “Help, I’m stuck!”


30. That blanket is awesome though.