The close-up cat selfies will surely make your day better.

Our furry friends love playing around the house, sneaking out of the house at odd times, and surprising us with their naughty personalities, but also love taking selfies. When they see their hooman taking selfies all the time, they get curious too and sometimes take the charge by taking some of the amazing selfies that make us fall in love with them. Let us tell you that you have reached your destination if you are a cat fan and looking for cat snaps. Today, we found a thread on the social networking site with only cat selfies, where the cats went too close to the camera, and guess what?
We fell in love with the adorability of the selfies. Enjoy the cat selfies.


1. Caught on camera, adorably.


2. “Cutene… *clears throat*.. I mean, Catness everywhere!”


3. “I’ll take a picture of you.”


4. Accidentally opening the front camera be like…


5. Are you able to see the li’l nose?


6. When she accidentally clicks her picture while using your phone.


7. All hail, Fatso Catso!


Once your cat learns how to take selfies, your phone is not yours. You sleep and wake up to see your phone full of your cat selfies. LOL. The cats are cute and we are laughing at them. Hope you are enjoying as much as we are, so keep scrolling and enjoy these pawfectly adorable cat selfies.


8. That’s the model face by the cat.


9. Overloaded cuteness alert!


10. When you get too close to the camera.


11. Imagine “give me the phone, I can take better selfies than you” having a face.


12. What if you wake up and find this photo in your gallery?


13. Asking your cat to pose for the picture and then see her posing like this.


14. Pawfect super zoomed Catto face!


15. When you are suspicious regarding a thief but then see the CCTV footage.


16. A much better view.


There is nothing better than catching a cute cat. The faces of the cats make us stop and think, and appreciate their innocence and prettiness.