The world belongs to cats.

Their playing field is the entire world. They are in charge. Cats are independent creatures who can travel whenever and wherever they like. They may not be as big as modern humans, but they certainly have the attitude, which is why they were worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt. And based on the way they act, I still believe they still view themselves as gods. You don’t own a cat even if you believe you do. You are owned by the cat. What I mean by that is clear to every cat parent. They are the masters of both their own lives and yours, and you are their slave.

Therefore, you should never limit what a cat is capable of doing. A cat on the Internet has become well-known for disobeying his “owner” Oliver is the man, and he acts accordingly. Oliver has a wild side. Oliver’s owner made the funny decision to record every time he went somewhere he shouldn’t have been. To see them, scroll down below:


Oliver must not be interacting with the bookcase.


Or linger by the flower pots.


He has no business stealing food from the refrigerator.


Or take cover among the pots.


He has no business strolling by the washer sink.


May slink away invisibly inside a box.


He shouldn’t skulk beneath the bed.


Or hide among the canned items.


Oliver is currently our favorite feline. All the cats that are being warned not to sit on the couch or open the refrigerator look to him as their hero. Oliver refuses to follow orders from others and does not permit anyone to extinguish his sense of adventure. Oliver is a good role model for us all. To see more of Oliver’s mini-adventures, scroll down below:


Oliver shouldn’t be inspecting the serving pieces.


Or keeping watch from the cabinet over the house.


Or just chilling in the bread machine.


Behind the kitchen assist, seated.


Someone needs to give the washing machine a spin.


The area underneath the stove.


Or simply posing on a collection of unrelated items.


Oliver is eager to pitch in with the cleanup.


Greeting from the pantry.


How do you feel? Oliver, is he a decent cat? What peculiar locations have you discovered your cat in? Let us know in the comments below!