What does your traditional postman look like? We assume that you might say your postman carries a bag and he delivers letters or other documents in a postbox. But what if we say that even cats have started delivering letters. Would you believe it? Maybe you won’t. 

That’s why we have compiled a few pictures of Billy, our little postman. This cutie lives with Olga Shipunova, 29, and her partner Zack King, 37. With the help of this cutie, his owners became a pen pal with one of their neighbors.  

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“He is feisty, curious, and independent,” Zack told us. “He’s friendly but affectionate on his own terms.”

Jack further added “he has a cat flap so he comes and goes as he chooses. He has no timetable—sometimes he will be gone for a whole day or a whole night (he likes to mix things up). The only real trouble he makes is with the local mouse community. However, as he usually brings them back alive, we have humane traps so we are able to set them free again.”

“To be honest, with modern communication all being online, it’s nice to have some mystery and intrigue,” he explained.

“With so many cats likely visiting other homes, maybe others should reach out via cat delivery,” he added.

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