Cancer symptoms are often confused with symptoms of normal diseases. Matters become even more complicated because they vary greatly. This is because of the part of the body that is getting affected. Pain is also a symptom of cancer. You may be at great risk if you possess pain in your chest. Know what this pain could mean.

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 Cancer Symptoms: pain in the chest could be one

Cancer is a dreadful disease. This is mostly because it has no cure. However, scientists are trying hard to develop one. Moreover, there are several treatments available.

Most of them allow the patient to lead a healthy life. Cancer is basically a condition. It is when the cells in the body start replicating uncontrollably. In doing so, they often damage the healthy cells. This includes organs as well.

Cancer symptoms
Source: Cancer Research UK

There are several symptoms of cancer. Pain in the affected region is one of them. But that does not mean that every ache in the body means you have cancer.

However, if you have persistent heartburn then you might be at risk. This could be the warning sign of oesophageal cancer.

Moreover, worsening indigestion could also mean the same. This is according to Mr. Borzoueh Mohammadi. He is the Consultant General as well as the Upper GI Surgeon at the London Digestive Centre.

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When to visit the doctor?

Heartburns are often common. However, persistent pain in the stomach is not. It could be a sign of cancer.

Cancer symptoms
Source: The Lancet

If this heartburn is making you take medications, then you must immediately see the doctor. This is especially if you are forced to take medicine at least twice per week.

Other symptoms of oesophageal cancer include diarrhea and constipation. Moreover, bloating is also a symptom of it. These are usually treatable.

But when the situation worsens, then one must not take things lightly. It could be a symptom of something serious.