Cure for Cancer 2019 treatment

Cure for Cancer 2019 is now closer than ever. Thanks to a group of researchers based in India, we now may have a new treatment for Cancer.

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Treatment for Cancer that will cure it: Are the Indian researchers close to developing one?

The researchers of India are doing a study. This study has a mouse model. The study aims to research the bone marrow.

By doing so they will find blood disorders which will help in finding the cure for Leukaemia. Leukemia is a type of blood cancer.

The findings of this study have been published in “Blood”. It is a journal of the American Society of Haematology.

Cure for cancer 2019 treatment
Source: The Asian Page

It is found that a stem cell protein plays an important role in the prevention of disease. The protein is known as asriji.

Moreover, the disease is known as myeloproliferative disease. It happens when there is a huge production of blood cells.

The study

The study has found that almost 90 percent of the cancer is caused because of p53 mutation.

The team of Indian researchers is trying to study this. They are doing it with the help of a mouse.

The researchers are working on how asriji works. They have marked the gene. This is for the deletion of this gene.

Cure for cancer 2019 treatment
Source: Health Line

Experiments show that even mutants have a lot of blood stem cells. They also have enlarged spleen. And they also developed the severe myeloproliferative disease. This is as they age. This behavior is exactly like humans.

The study might revolutionize the entire research for a cure for Cancer 2019. This will now aim at seeking the origin of other cancers. Moreover, it also aims at clinical progression as well. Therefore, it will lead to treatments for a range of diseases. These are those diseases which are caused because of asriji and p53.