It is easy to mistaken Cancer symptoms for other health conditions which are not to serious. Here are some signs that will not only surprise you, but also encourage you to see your GP.

Cancer is a health condition in which cells in some particular body parts reproduce and grow uncontrollably. It is good to recognize the cancer symptoms at an early stage as there is no proper cure for it yet. Cancer Research UK has listed some of the lesser known symptoms that you should be aware of.

Cancer Symptoms

Unexplained ache or pain

Our bodies first indication about something wrong is pain. According to the cancer reach charity, it is common to experience pain as one gets older. But if the pain cannot be explained or it is reoccurring, then you must immediately contact your doctor.

Cancer Symptoms and Six Subtle Signs that require a visit to your GP

Coughing up blood

This is a serious issue and must not be ignored at any cost. Even though if it turns out to be something else, it is always good to take precautions and consult your doctor.

Persistent bloating

Women often experience bloating and it is quite common after eating certain foods. However, if it too frequent, then it may be an issue of concern.

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Tongue ulcer

Mouth ulcers are quite common and heal within a week or two. But if an ulcer is taking too long to heal, then you should definitely contact a doctor as it can be a cancer symptom.

Difficulty in swallowing

Certain medical conditions make swallowing difficult. But if the condition persists for a while, then you should get it checked.

Croaky voice

It is a common symptom for cough and cold as well. But having a croaky voice for too long is an issue of concern. So you should get an appointment with your doctor in such a case.