Humans are infectious to disease and we are less immune. The T cells are the cells which are responsible for fighting cancer cells. Yet they completely rely on dendritic cells and system sentinels.

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment process which is manipulated to prepare our body to fight against cancer cells. Lund University’s research team which is in Sweden has founded and developed a new system to covert human skin cells letting into immune system sentinels. This process would definitely pave a way for many immunotherapy safer treatment options. Fighting against cancer with one’s own body immune system is not as easy as we think.

Source: Wired

Dendritic cells will behave in a different way when cancer exists and allow the function to work in an improper way. Chances are high that body to reject any kind of treatments overall. New treatment option is found and it is cellular immunotherapy.

Source: Sciencealert, labiotech

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