Cancer cure 2019

Cancer cure studies are progressing each passing day. Researchers are working hard to find innovative means to faster diagnosis which will lead to decreased suffering of the patients.

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However, there is still no permanent cure available to this life-threatening disease. Chemotherapy and other medications let the virus live inside the human body.

The present treatment options can prolong life, increase the quality of life but cannot fight relapse. The scientists are now after the permanent cure. A team of researchers based out of India have a claim to be inching closer with the development of the cure. Read the full story here.

Cancer Cure: The progress

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology, India also report some great progress.

These cells have certain differentiated functions. Moreover, these cells are made up of various constituents, predominantly water. Water constitutes about 80 percent of the constituents of each cell.

Cancer Cure: Flurorescent Nanodots may help in Detection
Cancer Cure: Flurorescent Nanodots may help in Detection
Source: The Hit Vada

The scientists have discovered that with the help of light-emitting nanodots the cancer cells can be easily detected. This will, therefore, pave the way for faster, accurate diagnosis of cancer.

The Underlying Research

Published by the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, the article shows the distribution of water inside the cells can be detected with the help of the fluorescent nanodots since the distribution of water inside the cancer cells tend to differ from the normal ones.

Cancer Cure
Nano particles may help in easy detection of cancer
Source: The Week

Any change in the intracellular water initiates a chain of bio-molecular dysfunctions. It is these dysfunctions that can lead to cancer and other neurological disorders.

It is safe to conclude that this is an important breakthrough not only with cancer cure but other disorders.

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