Cancer is no more an enigma to the general population. The dreadful disease is often associated with death with no permanent cure. However, this may not be the scenario now.

As science has advanced, we now have may have found cause and cure for cancer. There is a whole long list of allergens that cause cancer. But, when it comes to curing agents the list is equally short.

National Institute of Health in Portugal conducted a research on cancer lately. The medical paper was published in Frontiers in Medicine.

In this research paper, the researches say that a group of worms called “helminths” can both cause and cure cancer.

Can worms cause as well as cure cancer?

Cancer: What is it and how is it caused?

Cancer is basically caused due to uncontrolled multiplication of the body cells. The cells of our body have a tendency to divide and multiply.

They perform this activity for the purpose of growth and repair. However, when this division becomes uncontrolled then it leads to a disease called cancer.

Cancer, if not treated in its early stage then becomes incurable and fatal.

Worms causing cancer or curing it?

A recently published article by the National Institute of Health explains how several worms cause cancer to people. These people mostly belong to under-developed countries. But, these worms can still be used to cure it.

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Can worms cause as well as cure cancer?
Source: Bio Edge

Let us first understand how these worms act as causal agents of cancer. Worms particularly the parasitic ones thrive on their hosts. They cause malnutrition as well as organ failure.

The body tries to repair itself. But, due to repeated attacks, the cells start performing uncontrolled division. This lays the base for cancer.

Can worms really cure cancer?

The researchers have also pointed the possibility of worms acting as curing agents. According to the researchers, these worms, particularly the helminths have qualities to cure cancer.

These worms have the potential to kill cancerous cells. By doing so they strengthen the immunity of their hosts. There are certain proteins which are produced within these worms.

These proteins have the capability to destroy cancerous cells (therefore, a cure for cancer). And the protein is also capable of strengthening the immunity of the hosts.