Breast Cancer Research gold nanoparticles

Over the last two decades, the number of medical uses for gold nanoparticles has increased steadily. However, experts are still concerned about the safety and the after effects of these particles on the immune system of the body.

Why use gold nanoparticles?

The recent bid to use gold nanoparticles makes sense since the human body can tolerate the metal very well. It can also be manipulated easily and offers the chance to target cells in very specific ways. If nanoparticles can be modified for drug delivery systems, precision medicine will take a huge leap forward.

Why use gold nanoparticles

Previous studies determined which state that gold nanoparticles can work with large immune cells such as macrophages with minimum efforts and yield maximum efficiency. However, for the very first time, scientists are investigating how gold nanoparticles communicate with smaller cells like B-lymphocytes.

Published in ACS Nano, researchers from Switzerland and the United Kingdom conducted the study.

Contribution to the Field of Precision Medicine

Gold nanoparticles and its Contribution to the Field of Precision MedicineB-lymphocytes are responsible for the production of antibodies in the human body. Co-senior study author, Carol Bourquin has stated that nanoparticles can form a very effective protective vehicle around vaccines and other drugs. They can help in delivering these substances to precise places where they are going to be the most effective.

During their study, the team found that none of it used produced any adverse events or side-effects on the human body. However, they do have the ability to produce very different immune responses. The shape and type of surface of the  nanoparticles has a significant effect on their interaction with B-lymphocytes.

The team is also planning to use this mode of treatment for glioblastoma (brain cancer). They are small enough to pass through the brain-blood barrier. Professor Carol stated that the nanoparticles are especially useful for future research. Clear, concise guidelines will allow oncologists to tap into the power of.

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